Ann Eisenstein Offers School Visits

School Visits with Author Ann Eisenstein




I welcome the opportunity to visit your school to discuss my books, the writing process, and the road to publication. A school visit provides an opportunity for me to share my stories with children and to listen to their stories as well. I enjoy sharing the craft of writing and I like to personalize the visit to meet the needs and desires of students, librarians and teachers. My presentations are flexible and can include readings, dramatic presentations, discussions and interactive workshops per request. I welcome class participation in the discussion of the writing process, creative thinking, and any aspect of publication. I can tailor my presentation to include any writing and/or publishing topic that you may choose.

Standard in-person visits for Pre-K through elementary may include a reading of the text, student interaction to test for recall and discuss themes, and a Q&A session that allows students to ask questions about writing and the publication process.

Full day school visits may include 2-large group presentations, small group discussions or writing workshops, a *Press Conference with kids, Book Sale/Autograph Sessions and/or any combination of the above.


Press Conference: Each grade/classroom selects two reporters who take questions from their classmates to a meeting with Author Ann 

Book Sale/Autograph Session: 

Books available through me can be discounted for schools

K-3 - Interactive reading of the book 

What If? Or If You Were…followed by an illustration session in which children pretend to illustrate the story while listening to music (approximately 35 min)

Grades 4-6 In-depth presentation of the life as an author, the writing process, and/or how to become an author. - (45 min. - 1 hour)

Grades 7-12 - More in-depth presentation of the writing process, becoming and author and how to get published. (2 - 3 hours)

Specialty Presentations (can be tailored for any age group):

Puzzles! Puzzles!

I show students how to put together the puzzle pieces of story. Where will it take place? Who is the main character? Who are the minor characters? What kind of mood will the story have? Put those puzzle pieces together, and the story starts to color in the lines. In this presentation/workshop, I use brainstorming strategy behind my own books and help young writers get started on a story of their own.

Inspiration, Ideas, and Imagination

I present the writing process in an interactive PowerPoint presentation, tailored to age and grade level and the desires and needs of the teachers/librarians.

Dialogue Dish Du Jour 

I show students ways to use captivating and believable dialogue to bring a novel to life. I teach them how to develop characters, consider word choice, and interweave dialogue and description, while simultaneously strengthening their cooperative and independent writing skills.

Color Your World

In creating a vivid world, I teach students techniques to improve, enrich and enhance their writing by utilizing all 5 senses. They will develop skills in using descriptive language to deepen and color the story experience for the reader by showing, through the viewpoint of character, by dialogue, or by portrayal, the wonder, touch, and feel of surrounding - to make the images come alive. 

You Are Your Emoticon

A fun exercise for younger students showing them how they can describe emotions. I show them how to draw their character’s facial expression and nonverbal clues if they are sad, mad, happy or scared. This can be further developed depending on the age and grade level of the presentation.

The Art Of The Craft - Beginning Fiction Writing 

Do you have a story in you? A great idea for a novel? Are you a natural storyteller? Do you have a creative imagination? Have you always wanted to write but just don’t know how to begin? 

I teach the process of writing to the beginning writer. It explores the various forms of fiction, emphasizes the elements of writing, and explains the basic building blocks of narrative writing. I focus on these elements necessary for the craft of writing: theme, conflict, plot and structure, characterization, symbolism, setting, figurative language, style and dialogue, tone and voice, description, and point of view.

Honing The Craft - Intermediate Fiction Writing

Are you ready to write that novel or short story?

This workshop is for the writer who already understands the basics and is ready to begin their novel or short story. We will build on the process and elements of writing and on the skills learned in the introductory class.

The focus will be on the “how” and “where” to begin in order to hook the reader, and to create worthy protagonists and antagonists, and compelling secondary characters. The goal is to advance the art of craft, strengthen the skills in working with narrative voice, dialogue, and fictional use of time, and to solidify description, dialogue, character, and plot. We will explore the subtler shades of craft, such as mood, pace, authority, imagery, and structure.

Polishing The Craft - Advanced Fiction Writing

Have you written your best manuscript? Are you ready for publication? Have you read and reread your work? Do you see holes in the plot? Is there enough conflict? Is there an ebb and flow? Does your story follow the “3-act” structure? Is your imagery fresh and original? Does your story have an emotional impact? 

This workshop is dedicated to reading, revising and rewriting the first draft. The focus will be on reviewing what we have written with an editorial eye. The goal of this class is to sharpen the writer’s skills as a reader, writer, and editor.

We will research publishing markets, review their requirements for submission, and learn how to prepare the manuscript for submission.

Presentation Description:

I present a high-energy digital slide show and discuss how I became a writer, how I come up with ideas for my books, how I start a first draft and stick with it all the way through the rewriting process. I talk about the two dreaded ‘R’ words – research and revising – and how I’ve learned to (almost) love them. I’ve never had a teacher or librarian who wasn’t thrilled with the infectious enthusiasm I leave their students with. I’m a literary cheerleader – I love to write and love even more sharing that passion with students.

Some Comments from Teachers About My Presentations:

“I love that you make the connection between what the kids do in writing and what you did by allowing kids to see that a real author does the same thing their teachers teach them to do.”

“My class loved hearing about how you started writing when you were their age and now you are a published author! They were so inspired!”

“Thank you for the statement that all kids are authors – they need to feel that what they write matters- and you communicated this.”

“Your inclusion of the writing process was wonderful! This was very valuable because it reinforces what I do.”

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation “Inspiration, Ideas, and Imagination”. My kids were able to repeat those words back to you when you were finished. They made a connection with that and they were able to remember what you said.”

“Your presentation was interactive. My kids loved it because you played with them all the while teaching and reinforcing great writing skills.”

Some Teacher Reviews of My Books:


“Rich & vigorous vocabulary”

“Chock full of figurative language”

“Page turner – cliffhangers in every chapter”

“Lots of plot twists”

“Springboard for teaching reading skills”

Some Student Reviews:

Skylar (4th grade girl): "I like it a lot! The reason is because of the advanced words. And the scenes had so much tension. I think 4th, 5th, and 6th graders should read this!"

Marie (5th grade girl): "Hiding Carly is a magnificent book! I loved it! There are some real life experiences in it. I would recommend it to all kids ages 10-14."

Tiarra (5th grade girl): “I would recommend this book to 5th and 6th graders who are interested in mysteries and the FBI.”

LG (5th grade boy): “I really liked this book because it was a good piece of action and the plot was amazing! It was also a good mystery.”

Christina (4th grade girl): “I thought it was a great mystery. I liked the cliff hangers. I think you should write another book!”

Markus (5th grade boy): "I love your story, Hiding Carly! It seemed so realistic! Sean did something his father would have done - fighting for what he believed in!"

My Needs for Your School Visit: 

A computer hookup for a PowerPoint presentation (in auditoriums) a microphone 

My Fees:

The fee for my school visit varies depending on the distance between my home in Vero Beach, FL, and your school. They are as follows (in addition to mileage compensation if more than 45 minutes from Vero Beach, FL):

Local Visits:

A half-day visit is available only for local schools within a 45-minute drive. It consists of 2 presentations (about 45 minutes each). A half-day visit is $150.

A full-day visit consists of no more than 4 presentations. For local schools, the fee is $300 per full day. 

If your school is more than 45 minutes but less than 2 hours away, I will do only full-day visits at $500 plus mileage.

Long-distance Visits:

If travel is more than 2 hours and up to 6 hours of driving, please schedule a 2-day school visit at $800 per day plus mileage and overnight accommodations. You can partner with other schools in your area if you want to share these expenses.

Long-distance Visits Requiring Air Travel:

If your school is more than a 6-hour drive, please schedule a 2-day school visit at $800 per day plus airfare and overnight accommodations. You can partner with other schools in your area, booking back-to-back events to share in the travel expenses. You can also split a day between two schools if they’re close enough together. Please have someone from your school or parent organization handle local transportation for me.

For a full-day visit, I like to have lunch with students. You can handle this any way that you like, for example, holding a contest in which the winners get to eat at the author’s table. 

If you want to provide books for the students to purchase, I can get them at a discount, or you can contact a local bookstore to arrange this. I will donate one signed book for each school I visit, which can be placed in the school’s library, a classroom, or offered as a prize.

Every student will receive something from the event: a signed bookmark, a pen, a pencil, stickers, depending on the presentation and grade/age level.

*If the above fee schedule is beyond your school’s budget, there are ways to make my visit more affordable. You can partner with other schools in your area, booking back-to-back events to share in the travel expenses. You can also split a day between two schools if they’re close enough together. 

I am available for online chats via Skype! Contact me for details!

For more information contact me at:

Thank you for your interest in booking an author visit with me!