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Works in Progress




Works in Progress



Middle Grade Series:


Middle Grade:

HOSTAGE: SEAN GRAY, JUNIOR SPECIAL AGENT, (JSA) finds Sean pursuing his adventures as an FBI Junior Special agent. His involvement in the trials of the child kidnapping ring and a dirty FBI agent might be at the root of a mysterious accident that land him and his best friend, Andy, in the hospital. Sean escapes with minor injuries, but Andy is still in a coma as the school year begins. As if the trials weren’t enough of a distraction, a couple of Sean’s new friends are headed for trouble, putting Sean smack in the middle of another mystery. And his long distance “friendship” with Carly hits a snag when she finds Sean in the middle of a complicated relationship.

CHALLENGER is the story of an eight year old little leaguer whose life is turned upside down after being paralyzed in an accident. With the help of his family, his new friends and his cat, Nike, Charlie begins to accept his life in a wheelchair and play ball again with The Columbia, SC Miracle League.

I have worked with mentally and physically challenged children and their families for over twenty years as a teacher, counselor, and psychologist. In addition, I have been a volunteer and a committed supporter of Special Olympics.  I am pleased that there are baseball leagues popping up across the nation that offer opportunities for “challenged children” to play ball on a regular basis.

Young Adult:

STATESVILLE 719 is the story of a seventeen year old boy and his eleven year old sister, both who had been led to believe that they were orphaned children whose mother, father, and sibling were killed in an automobile accident years ago. When their grandmother dies, he receives a call from her attorney telling him that he has to take care of his sister. The story chronicles their journey to their mother, incarcerated for years for killing their father


HIDING CARLY is the screenplay adaptation of the novel, HIDING CARLY, presently in the production process.




SARAH MAE FLEMMING, FIRST LADY of CIVIL RIGHTS, tells the true story of the resolve of the granddaughter of slaves, who began her life working the same land that her grandparents won from their former owners. This book recounts her years from living in a small house with no running water or electricity and farming the land to working for a white couple in the capital of South Carolina, where her story begins. As a young adult, Sarah took a stand for all “coloreds” in the middle of twentieth century south, when liberty and equality were separate ideologies for whites and blacks. She withstood deep degradation, including death threats, and burning crosses, to close that divide with humility and grace.

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT chronicles my cancer journey from diagnosis to healing.

Breathe in.  Breathe out. Breathe In. Hold.

I have spent much of the past 10 years listening to the voice of a woman I have never met.  Housed in a large white tube, flat on my back with an IV sticking out of whatever vein they were able to pierce, I waited for her voice: “Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, hold.”