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  • DO NOT post personal information (age, address, phone number, password, social security number, etc.) on social sites or give out information to strangers about yourself or your family.
  • DO NOT post your plans and activities in a chat room or on your personal social media pages and/or website.
  • CHOOSE a gender neutral screen name and/or avatar to protect your identity.
  • NEVER upload any image of yourself. It can be copied, changed, and posted on other web sites.
  • NEVER download an image or a link from any person or source that you do not know and trust.
  • NEVER say anything in a chat room that you wouldn’t say in public. Words spoken online are forever. They can be copied, changed, and posted on other social media pages and/or web sites
  • DO NOT interact online with strangers. They may not be who, or the age, that they say they are.
  • DO NOT arrange to meet someone you do not know offline without the knowledge and approval of your parents. If you do, meet in a public place where there are others around.
  • DO NOT talk about sex, or other personal issues, with strangers.
  • DO TELL your parents or an adult you trust if something happens online that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you think is inappropriate.