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Ann Eisenstein is a teacher, psychologist, author and cancer survivor with a passion for mentoring and molding the minds of children.

She grew up on a farm in Sidney, Ohio, where weekly trips to the library made it possible to explore and dream about the  world beyond. She attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, graduating with a BS degree in Education, with an English and Journalism minor.

Ann taught elementary school in Ohio and California before obtaining her MEd. in School Psychology from Wright State University, Fairborn, OH.

As a psychologist, she served in school systems in Texas, California, Michigan, and South Carolina, in adolescent psychiatric treatment facilities, in private practice, and for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.She taught college level Psychology in Columbia, SC, where she currently resides.

Ann continues to mentor at Logan Elementary, where the inspiration for her debut novel, Hiding Carly, and the Sean GRay, Junior Special Agent Mystery series began. Fallen Prey, published in 2013, is the second in the series.

 More about me…

I grew up on a farm in rural Southwestern Ohio in the 50’s, six miles outside of town and worlds away from any real playmates. I was the youngest child and the only girl in a family of five. My two older brothers were best friends who hated having their little sister tag along behind them. When they did invite me to play, I was frequently the target of some premeditated ambush, witness to a clandestine explosion, or the keeper of very dark secrets!

Sometimes on the weekends, my parents’ friends would come “out to the farm”.

One couple had a boy close to my age. His name was Timmy and he had Cerebral Palsy. He would stumble in the door, grinning and giggling, and throw his arms around my neck, slobbering all over me; but he was my best friend and he always wanted to play with me.

I know now that my early friendship with Timmy gave me three very important things: unconditional love, compassion for handicapped children, and the name for my imaginary friend.

My imaginary Timmy was ever by my side (we even set an extra place for him at the table). We watched television mostly. We built forts like those on the westerns out of blankets and chairs. We fought with the Indians and took the wagon train west. We had our very own Hit Parade and played our own World Series games in the back yard!

 Orange Township Elementary School

When I was five years old, I entered first grade and Timmy had to compete with Dick and Jane. I learned to read, and reading became my new best friend! Weekly trips to the library made it possible for me to explore and dream about the world beyond the farm. Already armed with a superfluous fantasy life, I escaped into the world of fairy tales and fiction and plunged into the adventures of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

Although I had early dreams of being a world renowned pianist or a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, my love of reading and the English language quite naturally kindled my enthusiasm for writing in high school. I wrote for the school newspaper, hundreds of short stories, poems and sonnets, and I wrote the senior class play and song.

I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, graduating with a BS degree in Education (K-9), with an English and Journalism minor. As a classroom teacher, I taught fifth and sixth grade, all subjects, and middle school, sixth through eighth grades, Language Arts and Social Studies. Ann Eisenstein's college years

In 1981, I received my MEd in School Psychology and Counseling from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.  I have worked as a psychologist in school systems with children aged three through twenty-one.  I have also been in private practice evaluating and counseling children, adolescents and their families. Additionally, I have worked in an adolescent psychiatric facility and for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.

I continue to mentor and guide children and volunteer to work with schools and other groups.

I am a Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) author of fiction. Hiding Carly, the first book in my middle grade series, Sean Gray Junior Special Agent Mystery,  addresses issues of parental kidnapping, abuse, bullying, and loss of a parent. Fallen Prey involves issues of criminal investigation, internet safety and predators. I continue to be a part of and work closely with the FBI as Sean, my hero, pursues his dream of becoming an FBI Special Agent like his dad!

In addition, I have several nonfiction works in progress.

1891228_10152237964713570_832724327_nI am an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), SCWW (South Carolina Writer’s Workshop) and NASP (National Association of School Psychologists), NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), FBICCAAA (Federal Bureau of Investigation Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association) , RCSDCAA (Richland County Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association), SC InfraGard (South Carolina InfraGard).  Besides reading and writing, I enjoy mixed martial arts, cardio and body balance classes, television and movies, playing with Jesse the cat, playing piano and saxophone, and volunteering and mentoring.


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