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A resolution, a commitment, a promise to do something better, to improve oneself, of to improve the lives of others.

Typically, we spend more time reflecting upon them, pondering our goals, and declaring our vows, than we do in keeping them. According to some studies, we are terrible at keeping our resolutions. Exercising our willpower is doggone difficult! Training our brain to follow a list (often long) which is foreign to our nature and our current stasis – is uncomfortable.


A resolve


Nonetheless, people around the world take the plunge and make the pledge. We announce our resolve to change our ways on January 1 of every year!





The TOP TEN RESOLUTIONS made every year:

10.     Learn something new.

9.       Get organized.

8.       Volunteer to help others.

7.       Get out of debt.

6.       Spend more time with family.

5.       Learn to relax.

4.       Quit drinking.

3.       Quit smoking.

2.       Get fit.

1.       Lose weight.




Many researchers suggest that sharing your resolutions with another helps your success rate. Peer support – whether a partnership with a spouse or a friend, or participating in a group – not only is more fun but offers accountability when working toward your goals. Programs such as The Biggest Loser, Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers, etc., have proven success rates for people who share their stories, their struggles, and their successes.

The main thing to keep in mind when you engage in the setting of goals is to make sure that they are attainable. Set small, measurable goals and design a method of charting your progress. Use a chart, or an app, to keep track of your successes!





This year I vow to focus less on what I resolve to QUIT, and more on what I pledge to START! Some years ago, I started a BUCKET LIST. I found it this morning. And although I can check a few things off that I have done, there are still some great ideas for a new PLAN of RESOLVE. So instead of the typical “New Year’s Resolutions”, I am drawing from my BUCKET LIST.


bucket List



5. I resolve to relax more – to read, play, and enjoy my family, friends and blessings. (I will pledge to read a book a week. And I will carve out time to just play and have fun! I will call my family more often and show the people in my life how much that they are appreciated.)

4. I pledge more loving kindness and generosity toward others. (I will spend more time sharing and volunteering)

3. I resolve to seek peace in all situations. (That, admittedly, will be tough for me. But I vow to adopt some meditation techniques and pull from my own bag of counseling and behavior management methods and give real effort for this one!)

2. Create more art.  (I will write, paint and make music – I might even join a  band!)

1. Focus on God’s will and purpose for my life. (I will learn to be still and listen to the voice of God!)


new goals



Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions this year? Share some in the comments below! Happy Resolving!



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  1. susan

    Love this blog, Ann! More power to ya! I will do some of the same and will support you in your efforts!

  2. Ann Eisenstein

    Thank you, Susan! You know I will need – and seek – your support!

  3. dlkoontz

    I’ve never been a resolutions kind of gal, but this year I keep hearing the word “stronger” in my ear, so I’m adopting that as my mantra for 2014. I vow to become stronger – physically (important for when we’re old), mentally (when friends and family hurt or disappointment), socially (at saying no more often), emotionally (loving me for who I am), spiritually (in my walk with God), and in my writing (the more we write, the better we get). Really appreciate and enjoyed this posting.

  4. joycemoyerhostetter

    “I resolve to seek peace in all situations.” Maybe John Michael Talbot can help with that. Which reminds me. I must go turn his CD on. That’s my resolution. To listen to more JMT. And use my devotional book with suggested Bible passages given me for Christmas.

    And to land a book deal. If only I were in charge of such things. But I can at least do my part, right?

    Great post all the way around, Ann.

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