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Purpose is at the core of our lives. It is the spirit that guides us, propels us, and motivates us.

Purpose has been defined as our reason for living, the basis for which something exists, a goal, desire, or aim, an intention, decision, or resolution. For centuries, we have attempted to define purpose, find its essence, and apply it to our lives. Its true value often eludes us and seems to fall from our grasp. I think that is because as we go through life and our circumstances change, our purpose changes.

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

 John F. Kennedy

My challenge is to live a life of purpose. I have decided that to accomplish this I must know what that means for me. Earlier I wrote a blog,  FIND YOUR PASSION. It’s hard to know what should come first – knowing my passion or my purpose. But I have decided that for me, they go hand in hand.

You have to find your purpose, what that means for you in the here and now, then determine to follow it. Listen to your heart.

  • Set aside a time and place where you can relax and think about your life
  • Make a list of 5 things that you love to do, that excite and inspire you
  • Make a list of 10 of your talents , skills, and abilities
  • List 5 things you have done to help others
  • List 5 things that you would you do if you could do anything
  • Recall your passions – what excites you, sparks your creativity
  • Recall what people say to you – what kinds of compliments do they give you
  • What would you regret never having done with your life

Use the above reflection to decide your purpose in life. And know that as you grow, your life purpose may change.

Life is a journey and each step may lead you to a place where you need to reexamine and redefine your purpose. That’s okay. No need to worry or feel failure.

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.  

Helen Keller


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  1. Susan

    Love it, Ann! I plan to do as you suggest and would appreciate you holding me to that committment. Thanks for the simplicity of your words and the great reminder today.

  2. Debra Koontz Traverso

    Love it. We are exploring this notion of purpose together. Thanks for your wisdom. and challenging us to think.

  3. Claire

    OMGoodness, Ann – this is an interesting and worthwhile exercise that I plan to attempt. I was mesmorized by the quotes you listed, especially those of Helen Keller and Eleanor Roosevelt. Thanks so much for the reminder that finding our ‘life reason’ may not be as difficult or as dramatic as we seem to make it out to be! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Ann Eisenstein

      Claire, I really appreciate your comments every week! Thanks for being a faithful follower. I loved those words by such inspirational women – Helen and Eleanor. Determining my purpose is less daunting when I realize that it may change as I change. See you Friday! 😉

  4. Margaret

    Thank you Ann for another putrposeful article. I love the suggestions and encouragement.

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